Personal Branding Plans



You’re ready for some serious branding images and you need something to post every day of the week.

During your quarterly session we’ll capture all new product images for any new and/or improved products or offerings, along with lifestyle images of you in your element and any new employees you’ve brought on through your growth.

These sessions last 4-6 hours and allow for multiple wardrobe/location changes to get a wide range of images for your online presence.

With a quarterly plan you will receive 60 fully edited and web-ready images that flow together to tell the story of your business and your brand.

If you widely use 2 platforms, we can create half of the images for each or give you all of the full size images and you can adjust the sizes as needed.

Our first session is contracted on its own. If you decide after our first session that you want to continue updating your images quarterly we’ll get you going on an annual contract with 1 session each quarter.


Your marketing budget isn’t ready for a huge commitment yet, but you need some images to get you off the ground.

We will create a month’s worth of images for you to use in your social media feeds, cut specifically for the platform of your choice. You will get a beautiful, cohesive story told in 30 fully edited and web-ready images. You’ll get everything in our quarterly plan but on a smaller scale.

These monthly sessions run 2-3 hours and allow for several wardrobe changes, during which we’ll capture the personalized stock images for your business.

Monthly plans do not require an extended contract but will be contracted on a per-session basis.

If you’re interested in getting updated images every month, we can set you up on an annual plan with monthly sessions!